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Here at Ackley Metal Works we are committed to our customers.  We are a family owned and operated business and we always put our customers first.  We strive to meet our customer's needs with a high level of satisfaction and professionalism.  We want to be your first choice for all of your industrial repair, welding, fabrication, machining and field service needs.

Capabilites and Services


CNC Plasma Cutting

We offer custom CNC Plasma Cutting services.  There is no job too big or small.  Whether you are looking for a large production run of parts, or one-off custom items, we can handle it all.  We can also provide assistance with CAD programming and component design.


Pipe and Tube cutting and contouring

Our CNC plasma machine is equipped with a pipe and tube cutting attachment.  This allows us to cut pipe and tubing in anyway imagineable, up to 8 inch outside diameter.  Do you have a large piping fabrication project?  Save the time and stress of doing your coping by hand.  Let us cut your pipe for you today.


Welding and Fabrication

We have over 50 years combined experience in welding and fabrication.  This gives us the experience to get the job done right, the first time, every time.  We can handle anything from new component fabrication to small welding repairs.  Our experience gives our customers the utmost confidence that their project will be completed in a timely and professional manner.  



We perform repair machining and new component production.  We can provide a wide variety of repairs and modifications to existing equipment, along with small or large production runs.


Industrial Equipment Repair

We have decades of experience in industrial equipment repairs.  We can repair or rebuild any of your mechanical components.  We can repair assemblies in shop, or bring the operation to your site.

Who is Ackley Metal Works?


Rick Ackley

Andrew Ackley

Andrew Ackley

Rick graduated from Lincoln Electric welding school in 1978.  Upon graduating from Lincoln Electric he gained employment in the electrical generating industry.  He spent over 40 years as a certified welder, servicing a variety of coal and natural gas fired power plants.  This has allowed him to gain a vast array of experience in all welding processes.  In addition to his hands-on welding experience, Rick is also experienced in maintenance and repair planning.  This experience allows him to give accurate estimates for every job.  He has amassed a large pool of resources that allows him to supply the customer everything they need, when they need it.


Andrew Ackley

Andrew Ackley

Andrew Ackley

Andrew is Rick's son,  Much like his father, he has worked in the electrical generation industry for over 10 years.  Those 10 years have provided a vast amount of experience in welding and fabrication as well as mechanical repair and installation of heavy industrial equipment.  Andrew has also gained valuable experience in maintenance and repair planning.  He has forged relationships with many suppliers and vendors, allowing him to get supplies and materials in a timely manner and at great prices.  These relationships allow us to pass on great cost savings to our customers.


Molly Ackley

Andrew Ackley

Molly Ackley

Molly is Andrew's wife.  She takes care of customer accounts, invoicing, and custom designs.  Molly has been employed as a Registered Nurse.  Although unrelated, her nursing career has allowed her to build excellent attention to detail and customer service skills.  She always treats all customers with dignity and respect.

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